Photo Upload Page

Please use this Page to provide our office with pictures that you would like considered for your property tax protest. This Page will accept files ending in .gif, .jpg, and .png. The Photo Size is limited 10 MB each. We have provided some helpful tips below that can be used in determining the types of photos that will best support your reason for protest.

If you believe your property is in need of repair or has a deficiency, please take pictures of the items in need of repair and/or deficiency. Please do not submit multiple photos of the same deficiency. It is extremely important that you provide a description of the photo and the location of the house in which the photo was taken. For example, if you provided a picture of a crack, the description of the photo might read “Approx. 3 Inch Crack above doorway” and the location of the photo might read “Master Bedroom.”

If you are sending photos because you believe your home is mis-classified or you feel your finish out/quality of construction is not similar to the majority of the homes in your surrounding area, please provide pictures of both the interior and exterior of your property. Please take these photos as if you were taking pictures in an effort to list your home for sale. In general, the pictures should be taken from a distance depicting the complete finish-out of the space. You must include all major spaces in the home: kitchen, living areas, master bedroom, and master bathroom.